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About Regio | Regio Preschool

About Regio

Our School’s philosophy originates from the Regio concept which we use in conjunction with the requirements set by the South African education system. This is to ensure that all learners are well equipped for primary school. However, we never under estimate the importance of play in the development of a child. Robust movements such as running, climbing, cycling and ball games are very important. Special abilities such as eye hand eye and foot co-ordination go hand in hand and are essential for school readiness. Often learning and writing problems can be associated with programmes that place too much emphasis on table work and very little time and focus on outdoor play and gross motor activities

At Regio Pre-School

PLAYING is celebrated as the most important way children learn and the brain develops; trained, dedicated and passionate PEOPLE work with your child; and PARENTS are respected as the primary educators of their children.

Classes (Ages-12 months to grade 0)

We at Regio believe that children learn best when they have a positive relationship with their teacher, and therefore we have no more than 16 children per group

Teachers and Communication

Teachers are researchers of children’s learning in their daily programme. Parents are kept informed through a daily Report Sheet

Activities at Regio

The following additional activities are available at Regio PreSchool:
Monkeynastix – Movement Education 4 Healthy Living
Playball – Sport & Movement Development
Swimming – Mariaan Swim School
Soccer Kids – Sport and Movement Development

Additional Services Offered: Transport

We are very proud to say that we strive to transport our children in the safest way possible. Our school bus is factory fitted with shoulder and waste safety belts. Regular services and maintenance are undertaken. Each child transported will always be buckled up in their own seat. The utmost care and devotion is taken as our number one priority is the safety of our children. Costs available on request.

Remedial Classes

Remedial teaching provided at Regio at no extra cost.